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Who We Are

Shimen Averhoff

Shimen is a certified Crystal Healer and a Reiki Master. She has been in the holistic field for over 20 years. She started traveling to health fairs and expos. eight years ago. She makes all her own jewelry to balance and help heal the person wearing it.

Our Services

REIKI 30-minute

First time? Get a 45-minute session. To get a feel for what is can do  for you.

REIKI 60-minute

A great 60-minute treatment designed to focus on all areas needing some special attention.

Crystal reiki Healing 30-minute

First Time? Get a 45-minute session. See what crystals and Reiki can do for you.

Crystal Reiki Session 60 - mintues

Healing at its best. Enjoy a relaxing hour of uplifting energy, to recharge and empower you.

Aura Photos

See what your Aura color says about you. Learn how balanced your chakra's are as well.

Animal Communication

Find out what your animal wants you to know .

Find us

In the peaceful country

Sacred Designs By Spirit

33391 290th St., Shell Rock, Iowa 50670, United States



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